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Walk Around The 1988 Seoul Olympic Park

Walk Around The 1988 Seoul Olympic Park

Back in 1988 it was Seoul’s turn to hold the Summer games, and with the summer games came many new things in Seoul. One of the most well known, is the Seoul Olympic Park. which provides visitors with kilometers of open space to walk around in, and easily accessible by metro. Just take the line 5, to the Olympic Park station.


In the Olympic Park you will find historic remains from the Baekje era, modern sports stadiums, eco friendly forest and very spacious grassy fields.


The park houses Korean’s largest sports arena, which is now a common concert venue for the nations biggest idols.


The park is so big, that it’s been divided into 4 areas. The Cultural Art Park, Leisure Sports Park, Environmental Eco-Park and the History Experience Park


In the Cultural Arts Park, you will find diverse cultural experiences and performances. As well as the Olympic museum and SOMA Museum of Art.


The Leisure Sports Park has a sports square, which is used by many locals for exercising. The Leisure Sports Park also the Peace Square, which has a variety of activities and sports lessons.


The Environmental Eco-Park is a restoration, of the nature that once were. Which has now been restored to it’s former self, and is now a really nice park to walk around in.


The Historic Park is the site an ancient wall, only discovered during construction of the park. As well as statues of important people to Korean history, as well as the Gommal bridge.


The park is open throughout the year, and does not have an admission. Operating hours are 5 am to 10 pm, though the plaza is open until midnight.

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