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Wallpapering Your Korean Apartment!

New Year is the time for new beginnings. It’s a time for change. Are you looking to try something new for your house that accentuate the look and reflects your personal style?Wallpaper your apartment

Wallpapers are the most cheap and inexpensive way to decorate your house. It helps make your home more exciting and elegant as well as contemporary. Here are few tips that can help you choose the best wallpaper for your many wallpaper

Bangsan Wallpaper Market

Bangsan Wallpaper MarketWallpaper is very common in Korea. In fact, Korea has a market dedicated to ‘wallpaper’. Bangsan wallpaper market is the largest wallpaper shopping center. It is also known as the Wallpaper street in Seoul. It is located mostly within Bangsan market in Jung District, central Seoul.

It is one of the largest a wallpaper market and is gaining popularity globally. The market is steadily drawing more customers from China, Mongolia and some Central Asian countries. There are a whole bunch of wallpaper shops next to each other in the city center.

Directions To Get To Bangsan Wallpaper Market

directions to get to BangsanTake the subway number 2 or 5 to Euljiro 4 ga Station and go to exit 6. The shops are right at the exit. You have a plethora of wallpapers to select the right wallpaper for your needs.

Installing The Wallpaper

Installing new wallpaperThe wallpaper comes in attractive and interesting characters and patterns. You can choose from a broad range of different brands, designs, qualities, colors etc. Korean wallpaper shops can also help you with installing wallpaper. The labor cost is very cheap. If you don’t want to do it yourself. Don’t worry! It’s not that expensive.

The price of installation service depends on the size of the home and the material you choose. Depending on if you get cheap paper wallpaper or top quality fabric like silk, you can probably pay anywhere between 300,000 to 400,000. For example, to wallpaper a 30 pyung apartment with reinforced high quality paper can cost up to 1.5 million won.

All you have to do is pick out the wallpaper you want. The shop will give you an estimate and set a date to do it. Bring the exact dimensions of your apartment. It will help you to get quick estimates and pick the wallpaper.

The D.I.Y Option!

DIY wallpaperingwallpapering diyIf you don’t have the money or time ….or you just want to give it try yourself….then here are some tips for you:

  • Decide the order of hanging. Begin at the corner and hang your first length of paper on a wall with no doors or windows.
  • Draw a vertical pencil line on the wall surface at your chosen starting point.
  • Next, position the wallpaper against the guide line. When you are happy that the paper is level with the line, brush it down from the top. Ensure that the vertical edge of the paper is precisely aligned with the pencil guide line.
  • Be careful not to crease or tear the paper. Use the brush to smooth the paper over the wall and remove any bubbles. Work from the center of the paper to the edges. At floor level, use the brush to crease the paper into the junction between the wall and base.
  • Trim at the bottom of the wallpaper. Use a clean, damp sponge to wipe away any excess paste from wallpaper surface. Make sure that the pattern is matched at eye level.

If you are thinking about changing the appearance of your house, new wallpaper is an effective and inexpensive way to do it. You can provide a different look for each room. It’s an excellent way to match your style and taste and make your house look beautiful and classy.

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