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Want to learn Korean?

Want to learn Korean?

Want to learn Korean?




More and more, we see foreigners from all over the world not only coming to Korea to visit, but also interested in learning the language.

For that reason, many Korean Universities incorporated a Korean Language Program to their curriculum. Of course that other than universities, you can find hagwons (private language schools) and also language centers that might be more affordable with less hours.



In the big universities, the regular program is offered on a year-round basis, lasting about 3 months each term. You may choose to begin your studies when it suits you, usually every beggining of a season.

Yonsei University, for instance, offer every semester a well known program (KLI – Korean Language Institute), in which over 1600 students from all over the world applies to. At Yonsei, classes are small and offer different opportunities for interaction between students and teachers. One term of the course takes 10 weeks, 4 hours a day, which makes a 200 hours course.

Morning session starts at 9 am and ends at 1 pm, while afternoon session starts at 1:40 pm and ends at 5:30 pm. If you choose this school, you will probably get to meet a lot of people, since it is the most known Korean language program.


IMG_1564 IMG_3148

The style of teaching will of course vary from teacher to teacher, since there are over a 100 teachers. But if you would wonder about the over all teaching style at this school you should know it is a lot of content in a maybe high speed way of learning.

For some people, it works really well, and for people who is looking for a job in a company or getting into university in Korea, this might be a very good fit.

Each term you get two different teachers, which will be changed in the middle of the term. Also, every term there is a special activity, such as cooking Korean food, preparing a play or a song presentation, going out for a field trip and so on.



Yonsei is located close to Sinchon area and Ehwa Woman Universtity back gate.

For more information on how to apply, school fees  and dates:






If you are into a more dynamic style of learning, focusing more on speaking skills, you should definitely go for Sogang University Language Program (KLEC – Korean Language Education Center).

The format of the course is quite similar, small classes, special activities, 4 hours, year round basis and lasting 3 months each term. The main difference is on the focus they give during the actual classes.



At Sogang, you will have 3 different teachers along the whole term. Your classroom will be divided not by individual chairs in a circle (as in Yonsei) but, as group tables, which you can vary everyday.

A big part of classes, specially until level 4 will be focused on speaking.


seogang uni.

Sogang is not far from Yonsei, also located close to Sinchon Subway Station and Daeheung Subway Station.

More details here:



Both Language programs offers other options of courses, such as summer program (shorter time), evening classes and so on.

You should check your options carefully before making a decision. Other than those you may also consider the language program of: Ewha Woman University, Seoul National University, Hongik University and so on. All the campus are also really nice to just pay a visit.

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