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What Are The Best Brunch Places in Seoul?

What Are The Best Brunch Places in Seoul?

What Are The Best Brunch Places in Seoul?


Brunch is one of the best creations of life, and it is also one area of food that many restaurants and cafes in Seoul like to specialize in. Here is a collection of our favorites for you to check out the next time Sunday rolls around! Or, you know, why not on any other day of week as well?



Having been in the brunch business for a few years now, the guys at WinK for sure know what all of our favorite brunch menus consist of. And they do it well! To add an extra greatness to the whole ordeal, they also offer bottomless mimosas to go with your brunch – is there any better way to go about it, really?!



Tucked away in the streets of Yeonnam-dong resides Grain, a small restaurant that is perfect to visit especially in the warmer time of the year. While they also serve incredible burgers, it’s the build yourself brunch platter that you’ll want to go there for. You get to choose a few items from a bigger menu from which your brunch will consist of, and you’ll likely have trouble limiting yourself among all the great options. And the best part? This is one of the healthiest brunches you can find in Seoul!



One of the best places for brunch in the Itaewon area, Bimbom does require a bit of a walk up the Gyungridan hill to reach, but really that just means you’ve earned the amazing brunch that waits for you at the end of it even more. Not only are the menu items on the brunch set to die for by the taste, the setup of the brunch, in tiered style, is great for pictures with which to brag to your friends later.



If you’re a fan of a great panini, open sandwich and salad, then this is a great option, whether you’re by yourself or with friends. Especially the chili shrimp sandwich and Chicken Caesar salad are a hit among the clientele. They’ve also got an intriguing beverage menu to go with the food, and afterwards you can burn off the excess calories by having a stroll around the nearby Seoul Forest.



Want your brunch to include pancakes? Then Butterfinger Pancakes, found in Gangnam, is the place to go! The menu is affordable and delicious, and there are options for those who don’t fancy pancakes, as well. All the items on the menu are available all day, just in case you happen to get hungry for brunch food in the evening – which you just as well might.



This little café and restaurant located near Konkuk University is new to the game, but you wouldn’t guess it based on the quality of the food they serve. Their waffles come with bacon and it’s so incredible you’ll spend weeks dreaming of it!

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