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What to do and see in Jeollanam-do

What to do and see in Jeollanam-do

Jeollanam-do has spacious fields and lush green forests and mountains, seas and mudflats, many islands and islets and long coast lines, with so much potential to become ‘a land of life’.  So for anyone thinking to travel down south while in South Korea, you are maybe considering Busan right? How about looking toward Jeollnam-do?  Here let me introduce you to some tourist spots that would fulfil your wishes of a meaningful trip.


This is probably one of the top 5 temples in South Korea. It’s location makes it so devastatingly beautiful. The road the temple is built into the rocky side of the mountain makes it even more spectacular. From the parking lot you can either walk up the steps on take the easier path to the right. Both trails will lead up to the temple but I recommend doing the steps just to say you made the pilgrimage up. The temple has a beautiful trail gliding through the rocks with a stunning view.31611432098933tapsa-temple

Suncheon Bay Cyber Ecological Park

As long as you avoid the weekend and your schedule is flexible enough to be able to visit on a between Monday to Friday you can really enjoy the beauty of this stunning park. The reed fields are quite beautiful. The walkway has some wonderful photo zones that are worth stopping at to take pictures. If you have the time take the short 45 minute hike to the observation deck on top the small hill. It is a fairly easy hike and the views are all round top notch. If you go on weekends obviously you should expect the huge crowds and busy walkways. If you do the hiking then it is recommended to skip the boat ride but if you don’t want to hike pay the extra 7,000won and go by boat.suncheon-bay-cyber-ecological


A tiny island that is connected to the mainland by a 200 meter bridge. You can walk or ride a tram to get there. There is a small shop selling drinks on the island. A Beautiful and simple Island which you can reach by foot, actually. Also there is nice paths to take a walk and the Highlight is clearly the fountain park, which comes combined with classical music! Perfect for a Picnic. Just sit back and relax! You can just take in the ocean scenery or partake in some hiking with your company that will make your day. Also there is seafood restaurants around the area too.www-sub-pic-1522_Odong-do

Boseong Green Tea Field

Apart from being famous for its tea fields, Boseong is quite a sight to behold in terms of its sheer force of natural beauty and grace. No matter where you look, As far as your eye can see there is beautiful green tree bushes dominating the landscape. Straddling the mountainside and rising 350 feet up in to the air, the green tea bushes are sorted into neat terraced rows. The small viewing platforms dotting the mountainside are perfect for taking pictures of the fields. The gift shop here sells many souvenirs, including many items incorporating green tea as the primary ingredient. Green tea powder is also available and can be used for baking, in addition to drinking.daehandawonpanorama-1

In my next post I will again highlight other places that should be worth your consideration if you are planning a trip to Jeollnam-do!

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