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Where are all the Kakao Friends?

Where are all the Kakao Friends?

Unless, you have been living under a rock for the past decade (which is highly unlikely), then you would have at least heard by KakaoTalk at this stage. And then if you are a user of the app then you will obviously know about its cute emoticon characters that are very much in love with its users and the users in love with them.

Muzi & Con, Neo, Frodo, Tube, Apeach and Jay-G.

There are 7 stores around Seoul that sell all items KakaoTalk character related such as plushies, pillows, keyrings and even golf balls, These stores need to be checked out even if just for the wow factor and the overall woah! factor. The items are adorable and great as a

Kakao Friends Shop Sinchon (카카오 프렌즈 샵 신촌점):

The store can be found in the basement under Hyundai Department store. There is a variety of stationary, coffee mugs and souvenirs featuring the gang of Kakao friends such as Muzi & Con, Neo, Frodo, Tube, Apeach and Jay-G. Even if you are not familiar with any of the characters, the store has a great vibe to it with some great items that make for great gifts. And nearly every thing in the shop is photo friendly. Items in the shop range from 5,000won to 25,000own. If you have a friend who loves cutesy stuff then a gift from here will go a long way towards pleasing them. The store itself is a bit on the small side, but still well worth a

Kakao Friends Shop Gangnam (카카오 프렌즈 샵 강남점):

The store in Gangnam is pretty much the same as other related stores found around Korea. Here too, you can expect to buy items such as clothes, household items and stationary of course with all your favourite kakao friends. There is 2 floors of goodness to browse. And again, there is awesome photo opportunities with huge figures of the kakao friends. Plushies are about 13,000krw,  Stationary is from 1,000krw and upwards, Hats are 39,000krw.sinchon

Kakao Friends Shop Flagship Store Gangnam (카카오 프렌즈 플래그십 스토어 강남):

Being the No.1 mobile messaging app has opened its flagship store in downtown Gangnam. Spanning over 3 floors, it features a whole array of merchandise to get through. Pens, stuffed toys and more all based around those 8 adorable characters that pop up on your screen expressing the emotion you wish to convey. The selection of merchandise here is greater than other stores thanks to the obvious reason of being the flagship store. There is even a Ryan café for dry throats and tired feet. It is on the 3rd floor and serves delicious beverages and snacks.gangnam

Kakao Friends Shop Myeongdong (카카오 프렌즈 샵 명동점):

This store can be found at the Shinsegae Duty Free Store. Myeongdong is a major tourist destination for shopping. So expect you and many many other people to be vying for the same cute merchandise. Like the other stores, the merchandise is pretty much the same. But nevertheless, the cuteness factor will win you over or turn you away in disgust. Tech products cost 4,000krw and up, Outdoor products cost 6,900krw and upwards, Jewelery 20,000krw and up. Muzi & Con are waiting for you.myeongdong

Kakao Friends Shop COEX (카카오 프렌즈 샵 코엑스점):

This store is found at the COEX mall. This bright and airy spot is very welcoming and stocks all your favourite merchandise with your cute Kakao friends watching your every move and praying that you bring them home. The photo zones are very popular areas here and you might or might not need to line up depending on the time of the day. This place is guaranteed cuteness overdrive! To find this store, take the escalator to B2 and enjoy. Large plashiest are 90,000krw, worth it for the right girl right?coex

Kakao Friends Shop Jamsil (카카오 프렌즈 샵 잠실점):

Located at the Lotte World Mall in Jamsil, the brighter than sunshine exterior and interior of the Kakao friends shop will not fail to capture your eye. Originally a pop-up store over the holidays, the store became a permanent fixture at the Lotte World Mall. This time the 8 adorable characters are beckoning you to Jamsil. The merchandise is the same as other stores and the prices surely are the same too. Have fun hanging out in a place brighter than a shiny sunny

Kakao Friends Shop Yongsan (카카오 프렌즈 샵 용산점):

This store is close by to the CGV movie theatre, here too you can find a huge variety of cutesy merchandise that will distract you from your original purpose and cause you to be late to your appointment or even may cause you to miss a movie. Anyways, there is plenty of photo chances to be had here too and great options for gifts for friends or family back home. You will never be short of ideas here for gifts.yongsan

If you watch this video, you will see these characters are adored by millions and millions of fans!


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