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Where are the snow sledding slopes this year?

Where are the snow sledding slopes this year?

Everyone enjoys some snow sledding right? The memories of childhood flood back while wooshing down the hill on your backside. Here is some spots you can go to if you wanna enjoy it here in Korea.

Everland & Everland Snow Sledding Slopes

Everland Snow Buster, located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, has a wide variety of high-speed sledding runs. There are three slopes according to difficulty: Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch Kid’s Sled. Eiger, in particular, offers twice the exhilaration with its 200-meter curved slope. Family visitors can share a two-person sled or fly down the slopes solo in one-person sleds. The lift then tows riders back to the top of the run while they sit comfortably on their tube sleds, giving a relaxing ride to the top of the hill. Heaters are placed around the area for riders to warm up when needed.Everland Snow Festival, South Korea's romantic Love Song In Winter (11)

As the Everland all-day ticket covers the Snow Buster, you may also want to enjoy the other fun rides of the amusement park after enjoying your sled ride. At night, fantastic light displays help create a unique evening atmosphere throughout Everland. Everland is a large-sized theme park that holds more than 4.5 million pyeongs of land housing an animal zoo, amusement park, snow sledding slopes, botanical gardens and more. Korea’s largest theme park lives up to its reputation, as it dresses the whole park in a wondrous illusion even down to the part-time cleaning employees, wearing cute uniforms. The colorful fantasy world of Everland provides an enormous array of events and rides along with sledding at the Everland Snow Sledding Slopes, and remains truly a must-visit for those desiring to fully feel the sensations of Korea’s winter.Everland_Snow_festival1-588x391

More Info☞ Period: Dec 2015 – undetermined
☞ Hours: 10:00 18:00 (vary by ride operating hours)
☞ Everland Daypass: Adults – 46,000 won; Youth – 39,000 won; Children – 36,000 won
☞ Convenience facilities: coin-operated lockers, indoor heater, lounge/snack bar, restaurants & cafeteria

Seoul Land Santa Sledding Hills

The Santa Sledding Hills at Seoulland, located in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, is the ultimate experience for a family winter outing. This years concept is focused around a cartoon character called Larva. Flat plastic snow sleds provide high-speed fun. For safety, separate courses have been created for adults and children. The children’s slope, where parents may ride sleds with their children, is the most popular among families. Without an automated lift to take you up the hill, you may bring your own sled and walk up to the top for another run.165649_image2_1

At the playground adjacent to the slope, you can enjoy winter fun while making a snowman or having a snowball fight. The playground also has a snow sledding ride area exclusively for toddlers and young children. The all-day pass for Seoulland covers the Santa Sledding Hills, but the general admission ticket does not. In this case, an additional 5,000 won (4,000 won for children) must be paid to enter the Santa Sledding Hills.snow-children1

☞ Period: Dec 2015 – undetermined
☞ Hours: 10:00 17:00
* Operating hours and opening/closing time may vary according to unexpected circumstances or conditions
☞ Seoulland Day Pass: Adults – 36,000 won; Youth – 32,000 won; Children – 29,000 won
☞ Seoulland Admission Fees: Adults – 20,000 won; Youth – 17,000 won; Children – 15,000 won
(Seoulland Day Pass/Annual Pass holders can enter the sled park for free. General admission ticket holders can enter the sled park for an extra 5,000 won for adults and youth, and 4,000 won for children.)
☞ Convenience facilities: Coin operated storage, lounge/snack bar, wood-burning stove, restaurants & cafeteria
☞ Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

Korean Childrens Center Snow Sledding Field

The Korean Children’s Center, located in Neung-dong in the Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, has a many subsidiary facilities as well as its excellent snow sledding field. The center has something for the entire family, such as the outdoor game area, pond smelt fishing, the human body exhibition, traditional folk games, and of course, snow sledding.590022_638_365

☞ Period: Dec 20th 2015 – Feb 2016
☞ Hours: 09:30 17:00
* Operating hours and opening/closing time may vary according to unexpected circumstances or conditions
☞Important Info:Medical team, staff, safety staff prepared,Facility accident insurance, group bus rental
☞ RentalFees:General Admission: 10,000won(accessible facility: tube sled, snow mountain, Korean traditional ice skating) Packaged admission:(General admission + catchingicefish) 15,000 won
(accessible facility: all of the above + catching icefish program)
Additional facility:Catching icefish 5,000 won,Ever bumper car ride 5,000 won,Euro bungee-jump 5,000 won,Biking 3,000 won,4D theater 3,000 won,Crafting a bow 5,000 won
☞ Directions: By subway takeChildren’s Grand Park/Sejong Univ. Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 2.
Walk about three minutes towards Children’s Grand Park.

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