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Wonderful and Refreshing Valleys – Gangwon-do

Wonderful and Refreshing Valleys – Gangwon-do

Continuing on with my previous post, Lets see what kind of valleys are in Gangwon-do that you can go to. Summer is here in a sense but still not really here. Still can be nippy at night. But the Summer is coming. So you will need to know where to go to cool down and get out of the heat.1

Sogeumgang Valley in Gangneung-si

Sogeumgang Valley is to the east of Odaesan National Park in Gangwon-do. The valley occupies a 25% of the total area of the national park. The valley’s name Sogeumgang means small Geumgang Mountain as it resembles the famed Geumgang Mountain in North Korea, which is one of the three most beautiful mountains on the Korean Peninsula. This valley has been popular since hundreds of years back and therefore each of the outcropping rocks surrounding the valley and waterfalls are linked with a special legend.

Since Sogeumgang Valley is within a national park, camping, cooking, and campfires in the valley are strictly frowned upon and are forbidden. If you are considering an overnight stay, visit the automobile camping site nearby.


Mureung Valley in Donghae-si

Mureung Valley is closely located around Dutasan Mountain and is usually frequented by monks seeking out a beautiful and natural environment where they can mediate without disturbance. The valley stretches out to about 4kms in between Yongchu Falls and Hoamso Pond. The valley has a huge boulder that can handle hundreds of people at any given time, as well pools and large and small waterfalls. For this reason, it is recognized as one of the top summer vacation spots around the Donghae City area. Admission: Adult 2,000 won / Teenagers 1,500 won / Children 700 won. Well worth a look.


Heungjeong Valley in Pyeongchang-gun

Heungjeong is a major valley in Pyeongchang that is the embodiment of the pristine natural environment. The valley starts of from the western ridge of Hoeryeongbong Mountain and flows 5 kms to the upper streams of the Pyeongchang River. This valley is famous for its clean, cool water that is usually below 15 degrees Celsius even during the peak of the summer heatwave. The water here originates from the deepest part within the mountain, which is why the water is so cold. The valley is host to a whole variety of freshwater fish, including the lenok (a natural monument), so seeing children holding small fishing nets and adults trying their best at fly fishing is a common sight. Since Herb Farm offers great accommodation facilities nearby, Heungjeong Valley is a popular tourist site 365 days a year.


Other valleys worth giving a thought for are Baekdam Valley, Cheonbuldong Valley, Yongso Valley, Samcheok Deokpung Valley Village. All are equally beautiful in there own right and deserve at least your consideration if you are planning a weekend trip away in Nature. Try not to skip over one just cause of its size or the amount of people who frequent the place. There is something for everyone at these valleys.


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