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Worthwhile Valleys around Gyeonggi-do

Worthwhile Valleys around Gyeonggi-do

Korea’s summer is always uncomfortably hot and particularly tough when you consider with the unbearable humidity during the annual rainy season. To escape the heat during the blistering summer months, Korea’s valleys are guaranteed as an excellent getaway to cool down in the water which runs under the shade of a thick forest. Here is just a few of those valleys that you should check up on more to discover the perfect summer getaway the Korean summer.

Jungwon Valley in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Of the many valleys you can find in Yongmunsan Mountain  area, Jungwon Valley stands out due to its beautiful scenery and cool, serene water. The valley can be reached after with a brisk 15 minute walk from the Jungwon Valley parking lot. The highlight is Jungwon Waterfall, undoubtedly. Though it stands less than 10 meters high, Jungwon Waterfall is notable for its emerald green colour and the uniquely shaped rocks that frame the falls. Past the waterfall, the upper reaches of the valley are less populated by visitors, making it a more peaceful escape. Admission to the valley is free through to the end of August. For more info check out: Yangpyeong County Culture & Tourism (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese).

Yongchu Valley in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

This Valley is a popular anytime is a good time vacation destination thanks to its landscape and conveniently close location to Seoul. Yongchu Valley starts off at the summit of the nearby mountain and stretches southeast 10km down to Yongchu Falls. The area is widely famous among locals for the nine scenic views that are collectively called “Yongchu Gugok.” On the way down the mountain, the valley waters created natural pools for swimming and relaxing. There are also facilities nearby for outdoor activities. Admission is free and you can get more info from Gapyeong County Culture & Tourism (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese).용추계곡-용추폭포계곡-가평-05

Bigeum Valley in Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Bigeum Valley can be found in the upper parts of Sudong National Tourist Park. It is home to beautiful flowing water and stunning landscapes. Sudong National Tourist Resort is home to several gorgeous valleys. Bigeum Valley is 2km long and lies between Seorisan Mountain and Jugeumsan Mountain. It is a popular destination for people during the summer thanks to its lush forest, cool waters and camping sites. During the peak season, Sudong National Tourist Park is overflowing with people, especially anywhere up to the middle streams of the park’s valleys. There are relatively fewer people in Bigeum Valley’s upper area, but the area is popular overall so to get a good spot, arriving early is key. Again this valley is free to everyone and you can get more info at: Namyangju City Culture & Tourism (Korean).경기남양주비금계곡130806n034b

Other valleys worth a visit in the Seoul metropolitan area


While the 3 valleys mentioned above are probably the best one to visit. There is number of other valleys littered around the countryside close by to Seoul that also should warrant your consideration. Most of them are easy to get by public transportation, and will have a number of facilities, making them popular summer destinations. Check up on these valleys in Gyeonggi-do too. Higlhy recommended. Jomurak Valley in Gapyeong, Myeongji Valley, Songchu Resort, Eobi Valley, and Uidong Valley.

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