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Have a nice picnic : Yeouido Hangang Park

Have a nice picnic : Yeouido Hangang Park

Have a nice picnic : Yeouido Hangang Park



One of the most popular parks along Hangang River, it is surrounded by buildings, banks, finance and politics. You can go there for a nice walk, have a nice picnic along the river with friends or rent a bike and go for the cycle track, which is pretty long and gives you a nice view of Seoul as you go by.




Many people go there with friends and order some fried chicken and beer to eat and drink sitting in the grass, which is why you will probably find many ladies giving chicken delivery pamphlets in the subway exit. Some people actually bring a tent, maybe for more private – protected from the wind – moments.



IMG_2841 IMG_2865

For bike renting you can find different spots to rent a regular bike or a tandem bike (that bike where two people work hard together in order to move). You will need one ID for as many bikes you will rent and you pay in advance for the hours you think you will use. If you exceed that time, you just pay the rest when you return the bike.




For skaters, there is also a nice area to do your thing. And I guess there are different parts of the park that can also be enjoyed for this purpose.



yeouido hangang

In the summer, a big fountain gives lots of children a refreshing and fun time. There are many kind of events that happens there year-round. Blossom Festival in the spring, the World Fireworks Competition in the fall, marathons and all kinds of concerts and festivals.


The Yeouido Park is definitely one of the must visit places in Seoul. Not only for the great time you can spend there, but also for the very nice and unique experience of seeing the river that divides the city in two.


To get there, go to Yeouinaru Station  (Line 5) and get off at exit 2 or 3.

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